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Glenn Lindgren: What makes a Cuban pizza?

Jorge Castillo: I think you mean WHO makes a Cuban pizza.

Glenn Lindgren: No, what I mean is what makes a Cuban pizza different from the one you get from Pizza Hut? Is it the crust?

Jorge Castillo: The crust is doughier than American pizzas. It can be very chewy.

Glenn Lindgren: Is it the sauce?

Jorge Castillo: The sauce is similar, but it has a distinctly Cuban flavor. Maybe they use more onions and garlic. It's a heavier, more sensuous sauce.

Glenn Lindgren: Is it the cheese?

Jorge Castillo: Cuban pizzas are definitely cheesier. They use a blend of cheeses to give the pie a little more bite.

Glenn Lindgren: Is it the toppings?

Jorge Castillo: Well, you're not going to find picadillo, chorizo or plantain on a Domino's pizza!

Glenn Lindgren: The Cuban style of pizza was born in Havana in the 1950s, but perfected at several shops in the beach town of Varadero.

Raúl Musibay: Pizza in the Varadero style is the most popular in Miami.

Jorge Castillo: In Cuba, Gouda cheese was widely available and that's the cheese they used for pizza.

Glenn Lindgren: In Miami, most Cuban pizza places use a blend of half Gouda and half mozzarella.

Raúl Musibay: If you're not Cuban, Cuban pizza is a great change of pace from the pies you're probably used to getting.

Jorge Castillo: Miami has all of the big pizza chains: Godfather's, Pizza Hut, Domino's -- but why come to Miami just to eat the same pizza you can get back in Milwaukee?

Best Cuban Pizza in Miami

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Our own Three Guys From Miami versions of the classic Cuban pizza. The recipes are in our book, "Three Guys From Miami Celebrate Cuban."

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