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La Carreta offers a full-service menu for busy airport travelers.
Glenn Lindgren: Although we don't recommend it, many people come to Miami and only see the airport.

Jorge Castillo: Yes, for many people, Miami is nothing more than a transit hub, and the only time spent in Miami is the time spent between flights or before or after a cruise.

Glenn Lindgren: Although we know this happens, we do want to encourage everyone to spend a few days – and nights – in Miami.

Raúl Musibay: You're missing out on a LOT of fun!

Jorge Castillo: However, if we only have you here for an hour or two and you have never tried Cuban food, there is a way to get a small taste of Cuban cuisine without leaving the airport.

Glenn Lindgren: There are two places at the airport where you can try a Cuban coffee, eat a delicious Cuban pastry, and even try a decent Cuban sandwich -- the ever popular Cubano.


Raúl Musibay: One of these places serves entire Cuban meals so you can get a taste of real Miami Cuban food.

Jorge Castillo: For coffee, pastries and snacks the place to go is Café Versailles. They have several locations throughout the airport.

Glenn Lindgren: Café Versailles is the airport version of the walk-up coffee windows you'll see all over Miami. Cuban coffee is their mainstay, but they also serve pastelitos – a great, flaky Cuban pastry filled with sweet fillings like guava, cream cheese, and coconut.

Raúl Musibay: Versailles also sells empanadas, croquetas, and papas rellenas.

Glenn Lindgren: So if your time is limited, this is the best place to pick up a quick snack.

Raúl Musibay: Why not buy a box of snacks and desserts to eat on the plane?

Jorge Castillo: Now, if you have a longer layover and you have time for lunch or dinner, check out La Carreta.

Traveling through Miami? Take time to get a taste of real Cuban food.

Airport Cuban


Raúl Musibay: In addition to the walk up window for coffee and snacks, La Carreta has a full-service restaurant.

Glenn Lindgren: Specials change daily, but on a recent visit they were serving caldo gallego a hearty white bean soup, masas de puerco fritas, small pieces of pork seasoned with mojo and fried until they are crispy on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside.

Jorge Castillo: The other day they had a very nice pollo al ajillo – chicken in garlic sauce.

Glenn Lindgren: Even if you're in a hurry, you can pick up a good Cuban sandwich or a pan con bistec (steak sandwich Cuban style) to go at the “la ventanita” or walk-up window.

Raúl Musibay: Don't miss out on a fresh glass of guarapo – sugar cane juice. You can't leave Miami without tasting this tropical treat.

Jorge Castillo: La Carreta also makes some wonderful batidos – Cuban milkshakes – in all the tropical flavors: mango, banana, mamey, pineapple, papaya, guanabana.

Glenn Lindgren: They also have the American favorites: chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry.

Jorge Castillo: You can now access locations of Cafe Versailles and La Carreta within the security zones.

Glenn Lindgren: So if you are just passing through Miami on a connecting flight, you may have enough time to pick up some great Cuban food!

Jorge Castillo: If you were just dropped off at the airport by your cruise line, make sure you are all checked in and then if you have time, have a Cuban meal before you board your flight.

Raúl Musibay: Next time, plan on spending a few days IN Miami!

Picking up a box of Cuban pastries to go. A great airplane snack.
In addition to the airport location, La Carreta has several locations in Miami. Read our review of La Carreta restaurants HERE.
ATMOSPHERE: Airport Casual
PRICES: Sandwiches: $4.00 to $6.50 | Full meals around $8.00 to $12.00
HOURS: Airport
CARDS: American Express, Diners Club, Discover, Mastercard, Visa
ATMOSPHERE: Airport Casual
PRICES: Coffee and snacks from $1.50
HOURS: Airport
CARDS: Mastercard, Visa
BAR: Full

Café Versailles

La Carreta

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