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Three Guys Pig Roaster
Jorge Castillo: In December 2002 the Food Network sent a crew to tape our big Noche Buena party.

Glenn Lindgren: That's right, it was our THIRD appearance on the Food Network.

Jorge Castillo: The new show , "Christmas in America," is a Christmas special that will highlight the celebrations of different cultures in the United States.

Raúl Musibay: We were honored to be chosen to represent Cuban culture and we did our best to put on a good show.

Jorge Castillo: We went all out to represent Cuban culture.

Glenn Lindgren: On the Monday before Christmas we picked up our pig, more than 100 pounds of pork! Just getting it home was an adventure. Then we spent several hours preparing the pig: cleaning, splitting the back, making a ton of mojo, and marinating the pig overnight.

Jorge Castillo: Tuesday, (Christmas Eve Day) we got an early start, and this time our every move was followed by the television cameras. We set up our pig roaster in Raúl's backyard and showed how to roast a pig step by step. Pretty soon the pig was sizzling and Raúl's neighborhood was filled with the scent of roasting pork.

Jorge's mom shows her technique for making bunuelos
Jorge shows how to wire the pig to the pig holder.
Jorge's mom shows her technique for making bunuelos with help from Raúl's mom Amparo and wife Esther.
Jorge shows how to wire the pig to the pig holder.
Glenn Lindgren: Then came the "hard" part, sitting around drinking beer, telling jokes, enjoying the sunshine and oh yeah, watching the pig roast.

Jorge Castillo: The ladies of the family prepared all of the side dishes, so the Three Guys got a break now and then while the TV crew filmed Esther, Mima, and Amparo doing their magic in the kitchen.

Raúl Musibay: We think it's great that these three wonderful Cuban cooks who taught us so much will have their efforts preserved on video for many years to come.

Setiing up the roaster
Glenn Lindgren: The biggest problem with TV is that they slow everything down.

Jorge Castillo: It takes so long to set up the shots and film them. Once the pig was done, everyone was anxious to eat.

Raúl Musibay: But the crew needed to shoot close-ups of all of the food items.

Glenn Lindgren: So we all waited impatiently for them to finish so that we could dig in.

Food Network Special: Christmas in America

Jorge Castillo: We have created a wonderful Christmas card for our grandchildren.

Glenn Lindgren: Raúl was the first grandfather in our group. Jorge followed several years later and me? I'm still waiting...

Cooking yuca
Esther cooks a giant pot of yuca while Monica and Mariel prepare to make some mojitos. Glenn looks on...
Calling the partygoers
Finally it's time to eat.
Setting the table
In addition to the pig, we have roasted chicken, yuca, Cuban salad, Cuban bread, frijoles negros and white rice, tostones, moros y cristianos, a delicious Venezuelan chicken salad, and several desserts. Nobody left the table hungry.
"Christmas in America" on the Food Network.

The show premiered December 14, 2004

Watch "Christmas in America" video HERE

Visit the Cuban Christmas Website

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