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Los Pinareños Fruteria - A True Calle Ocho Landmark

In just the past decade, Miami has lost many of the "homegrown" places that gave the city character and a true Latin-American flavor. When we first started our website in 1996, there was no shortage of colorful little bodegas, restaurants, and markets. Need a location for a photo shoot? No problem in the early days, when places like Rancho los Cocos provided a rich, visual backdrop.

In the past few years, it has become increasingly difficult to find places with history and a unique Miami flavor, but Los Pinareños stays the same. Over the years, we have hosted video crews and photographers from the Food Network, Travel Channel, and several national publications here.

Los Pinareños Fruteria provides a taste of island life in a building that looks like it was airlifted from a rural town in the Vinales region of Pinar del Rio in Cuba.

Many people who have enjoyed a glass of guarapo, a batido, or an inexpensive cafecito at this, one of the remaining true monuments to all things Cuban on Calle Ocho, might be surprised to discover one thing. This classic building is only about 16 years old!

Angel and Guillermina Hernandez have operated Los Pinareños at its current location for more than 40 years. The family purchased the oversized fruit and vegetable stand from the original owners, who had family connections to the United Fruit Company.

Guillermina Hernandez packs up a bag of Cuban sweets. Some 27 years ago, Glenn Lindgren bought his first raspadura from Mrs. Hernandez at the original Los Pinareños.
(Photo above courtesy University of Miami Merrick Collection © Michael L. Carlebach )
(l-r) Mary Castillo. Glenn Lindgren, and Raúl Musibay checking out the fruit at Los Pinareños in August, 1984. Note the brown paper bag that Glenn is clutching. Contents: one raspadura...
It took several years for the family to rebuild. In those “dark” days, you could still dodge the occasional stray chicken in the parking lot out back to buy flowers and fruit.

Eventually, the Hernandez family was able to rebuild their shop from the ground up, this time using an all-concrete design. The new building is built to survive both fire and hurricane and it’s simple, classic design has helped it become the most photogenic spot en la Calle.

The landmark fruit, vegetable, and flower stand was constructed almost entirely of wood. In 1997, disaster struck and a blazing fire burned the entire building to the ground.

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Los Pinareños Frutería recently hit the big time with an American Express commercial that was filmed on site. It has also been featured in national publications, including the New York Times.
Pick up ripe fruit and vegetables in what has become the most photogenic spot en la Calle. The boxes and counters display fresh fruits and vegetables that look like they just came off of the farm.

Enjoy hot-from-the-kettle tamales and an ever-changing lunch special. Step up to the walk-up window or “la ventanita” for guarapo, a batido, or an inexpensive cafecito. Sip your drink in the shade and imagine Calle Ocho filled with 50s American automobiles and you will feel like you are back in Cuba.


ATMOSPHERE: Very casual

HOURS: Daily

Los Pinareños Frutería

Los Pinareños Frutería
1334 Southwest 8th Street
Miami, FL 33135

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